As a qualified and accredited trainer since 2013, I have been helping many lives reach the goals they want to achieve in their fitness journey with hard work and consistency. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or bulk up in muscle, contact me today and get started!



Hey there, my name is Monica!

I am a proud mama, wife and a business owner. I know the struggles of trying to get your health in check, trying to understand nutrition and also trying to take care of yourself during and after pregnancy. 

"You have to take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others."

My goal is to teach you easy ways to adjust your lifestyle so that you can be your best self and live life to its fullest potential.

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Monica is very personable and works with integrity. She has a vast amount of knowledge concerning fitness and health, and tailors her work outs to the individual. It’s been obvious to me she is passionate about her work but even more so about helping people. Great person and great trainer.

Rachel H

I highly recommend Monica. She is very motivated, kind-hearted, and understanding. Puts a lot of attention to detail in her work out plans, excellent at customizing the right regimen for individuals. Not only does she guide you through, but she also educates you through the process of making a healthier and knowledgeable decision.

Heather I.

Monica is an awesome trainer but is careful to pay attention to detail, educates you on all the why's, careful of any prior injuries and most of all listens to what your overall goals are. she's one of the best trainers I've had the pleasure of working with to get me further in my fitness goals. I highly recommend her.

Diana M.

I used to be a college student athlete and now I’m in the career of law enforcement. I have experiences with a variety of different trainers. I’m glad to say that I do recommend Monica as a trainer to anyone that is looking to implement fitness into their lives. Monica can certainly train on all levels of fitness and health. Monica focuses on the important muscle groups that are essential. Monica will also give you knowledge and suggestions on food groups you should focus on throughout your fitness journey.

Kourtlin F.

As a personal trainer Monica truly cares for people and utilizes her education and experience to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. She demonstrates & explains what you should be feeling as you focus on muscle groups. Balance, flexibility, strength, move & feel good! I highly recommend personal training great investment. Mike M

Michael M.


Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.

Astrid Alauda



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